The Winter Brothers Charitable Foundation is a private foundation that was established in 2001. The mission of the Foundation is to fund parkland benefaction and conservation projects in the state of Missouri, with special attention to the Greater St. Louis area. In this endeavor, the Foundation has focused in recent years on providing benches to the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation, The Valley Park Department of Parks, The World Bird Sanctuary, and The City of Fenton Heroes Memorial.

Heroes Memorial in Fenton, Missouri
Granite Bench donated by Winter Brothers Charitable Foundation

The Winter Brothers Charitable Foundation was established in 2001 within the meaning of Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, having tax-exempt status pursuant to section 501(c)(3)of the Code. Donors may deduct contributions to it as provided in Section 170 of the Code.

Dawn Chorus - The Adventures of a Birdwatcher
by Pete Winter

Pete Winter, founder of Winter Brothers Material Company, has recently released his new book Dawn Chorus - The Adventures of a Birdwatcher. The copyright of the book in owned by Winter Brothers Charitable Foundation, and all net proceeds from the sale of the book are directed to charitable purposes through the Foundation.

Pete Winter is one of the top birdwatchers in the world. He has recorded more than 7,800 of the world’s 9,800 total bird species, and seen more of the world than most people can imagine.

In his quest for birds, he has experienced more that 180 land and sea expeditions in over 40 years. He has had the opportunity to witness historic events, and has observed people living in the globe’s most remote regions. He has explored all of the world’s continents, climbed the world’s mountains, trekked through the world’s deserts, waded through the world’s swamps, sailed the world’s vast seas, and canoed the world’s great rivers in search of birds.

Mr. Winter is also an ardent conservationist and benefactor and supports a bluebird restoration program on property he owns in his home state of Missouri.

A native of St. Louis where he founded a successful sand and gravel business, Mr. Winter is also a decorated U.S. Naval aviator, having flown 77 combat missions in the Pacific during World War II. He later returned to his wartime battlefields to search for birds.

His birdwatching hobby had its beginnings in the early 1960s and was soon to become his life’s passion. By sharing some of his experiences in his search for birds, Mr. Winter hopes to impart not only the fulfillment and excitement that comes with birdwatching, but also demonstrate how a world rich with birds enriches us all.

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