For topsoil quotes or delivery please call (314) 849-5096.

Delivery is available for an additional fee and the charge is based on the tonnage required and the mileage to the delivery destination. We suggest a 24 hour notice on deliveries and we may require more notice if multiple loads are required. A minimum fee applies to all deliveries.

All topsoil is sold by the ton (2000 lbs.) and typically, depending on compaction and moisture content, weighs on average of 1.35 tons per cubic yard (2700 lbs.) Pulverized topsoil weighs approximately 75 lbs. per cubic foot or 2,025 lbs per cubic yard.


The Soil Survey of St. Louis County lists this topsoil as a compilation of the Haymond and Wilbur soil formations. These soils formed in alluvium from loess covered uplands and was deposited in the Meramec River basin as a brown silty loam.


Bank Run

This is un-processed topsoil that is excavated from the farmed fields of the Meramec River basin and loaded onto customer trucks by means of a wheel loader. Use of powered grading equipment is recommended when using this product as it contains some lumps.

We recommend Bank Run Top Soil for the purpose of filling in or raising grade levels of large areas of depths greater than 6 inches.


This topsoil is the same as above that has been pulverized through a hammer mill and screening process. This procedure removes lumps and debris and it also aerates the soil. The final product works well for finish grading either by hand or machine. We recommend Pulverized Top Soil for filling in or raising areas of depths less than 6 inches. Pulverized Top Soil has many applications, but is commonly used for top dressing lawns for seeding or sod applications and for flower bed or vegetable garden installation or rehabbing.


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